One Trust Home Loans

OneTrust Home Loans is a new breed of mortgage professionals.

Forget what you know about other lending companies. Our entire team is dramatically different. We are a far cry from the old-school guys at the “big bank” who wear a suit and give you a ton of confusing jargon. Instead, we are just like you. We are fun, down to earth, friendly, and family oriented. We go to t-ball games, attend church, and have bought and sold many homes ourselves. We recognize that the home buying process should be fun and simple. Therefore, we have made this our motto. We give our clients amazing interest rates, low fees, and untouchable customer service. Top that off with a friendly staff who will ensure your loan process to be smooth and fun.

If you are ready to have an unforgettable home buying experience, give us a call at 832-236-0897, send us an email, or our personal favorite – stop by and say hello!

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